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Weekend Carpentry: Monitor Stand


I’ve been wanting a monitor stand for sometime now as the Dell monitor that I am having doesn’t have an adjustable stand. Apparently, these stands cost around $30-40 and it didn’t seem worth the money.

So I ended up building one out of some old furniture parts I had. In the end it turned out to be better than I expected :). In fact comparable to what you can buy online

Here are some photos.

IMG_4733 IMG_4735

Finished product

It has enough space underneath to store my files

IMG_4743 IMG_4742

Top view

Bottom view

IMG_4740 IMG_4746

Just before I cleaned up the place


My old monitor stand; just a cardboard box from Amazon :)


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Lexus Aux/IPod Input: iSimple Gateway

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I’ve been wanting to use an auxiliary input with our 2006 Lexus ES for sometime and found this very neat solution from iSimple After doing some research on other available products on the market I decided to go with this one as it can control an IPod (or any other I* music device) right from the car stereo controls.

Setting up is pretty easy and sound quality is very well indeed! Here are the things  you will need and steps to follow.


  • A socket wrench and 10mm socket. It’s helpful if you have an extension as well.
image image
  • [Optional] A plastic pry bar like the one on below (left). I simply used the one on right and trust me it’s very nice and does no harm to the leather.
image image



  • You may need to think where to run your cables. I ran them to the center console box and with some effort managed to make nice installation without any drilling. Just post a comment if you need more information. I wish I took some pictures.
  • I used Velcro tape to keep the device attached to the car behind AC control panel.

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