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Blogging: Images in Comments

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Finally, an awesome solution to a problem that I’ve been searching for quite a while: how to add an image in a comment to blog post?

Look no further, just visit Spice Up Your Blog on this at

Apparently it has just more than adding images like colored text and scrolling text.

See the test comments I made for fun

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Windows Live Writer: Life Made Easy for Blogging

I've been using Blogger for quite some time and over the years they have improved their Web based blog editor a lot, yet there was some uneasiness always when thinking about editing or adding a post. Anyway, after I got to know about Windows Live Writer I wanted to get it setup with Blogger but it wasn’t successful simply for some reason I couldn't understand “Username or password is incorrect”! I remembered only today that I was using two step verification with Google and that I have to create an application specific password to connect to Blogger. Wish it came to my mind sooner! Anyway, it’s now working fine and if you can read this online that means I made a post successfully with Live Writer.
Few places to note if you are having trouble connecting to Blogger with Live Writer as I did.
  1. Blog URL: Don’t forget to use https instead of http
  2. Username: Remember to add to your user id
  3. Password: As mentioned above, if you are using a two step verification with Google you need to generate application specific password to connect (see


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