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Copy Path to Clipboard : Another Life Saver

Want to copy the path of a file to clipboard in Windows without having to open properties window? Just try Copy Path to Clipboard v 1.00 ( It's a pretty neat tool that saves quite a bit of human I/O time :D

Note. It works fine with Windows 7 as well.


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ReSharper: Life Saver for Visual Studio Users

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If you are using Visual Studio for application development then most probably you may have noticed the lack of built-in refactoring support. At least for me it was so obvious, probably because I was used to the rich environment provided by IntelliJIDEA ( for Java development. So finally did some search to see if there's any third party plug-in for Visual Studio on this aspect and guess what! The same guys who build IntelliJIDEA has a plug-in called ReSharper ( I had no second thoughts to use it based on my experience and it sure changed my clumsy feeling towards Visual Studio :)

Unfortunately it's not free, but if you are doing open source development they give you it for free. Anyway, the cost isn't sky-high to purchase as well.

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