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It's Cold Again

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අඳුරු වළා ලං වුනා ද
එලිය නුඹේ නැති වුනා ද
සීත අහසෙ රජ වුනා ද
නුඹ ආයෙත් සැඟ වුනා ද


(C) Saliya Ekanayake

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Subscript and Superscript with MS Word 2007 Equations

If you happen to use MS Word 2007 for equations and wonders why the heck there isn't a shortcut to subscript and superscript then you will like what I just found couple of minutes ago.

If you want to type e1 with 1 as subscript just type e_1. The moment you hit space it will become what you want. To make 1 superscript type e^1 and space. Enjoy!


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