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Split View in Firefox

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After being able to split the Eclipse windows, I felt the need to split Firefox. Luckily I came across this add-on called "Split Browser", which simply does this for you. It enables you to split tabs both horizontally and vertically. Here's a screenshot of this.

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Split View in Eclipse

I really wanted the split view feature to be in Eclipse as with most of the other IDEs. In fact, Eclipse has this feature, but doesn't give a visible menu/tool option to do it. The simplest way is to drag the tab containing the source until you can see an arrow mark. Then it will split the view as soon as you let go of the mouse. Here's a nice video I found on how to do this.

Here's a screenshot of how it looks.


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FireFox Keyboard Shortcuts

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Great! Now I can stop using mouse for the most part of browsing.

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