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Access Vista from Ubuntu

Ever tried accessing a shared folder in Vista from Ubuntu? Here are the simple step I followed.

For this example say your Vista user account is vista-pc and password is vista-pw. Also say the IP is

----Do the following in your Vista machine----
1. Start/Run secpol.msc
2. Open Local Policies/Security Options, find "Network Security: LAN Manager"
3. Change it to "Send LM & NTLM"
4. share the folder that you want (say movies)

---Do the following in your Ubuntu machine---
1. sudo apt-get install smbfs
2. sudo apt-get install smbclient
3. sudo mkdir /mnt/hd
4. sudo mount -t smbfs -o username=vista-pc,password=vista-pw // /mnt/hd

That's it :) You can now access the shared Vista folder from /mnt/hd


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