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Brain and Your Fist

This is some nice fact I've noticed but it may not mean anything. Have you seen a diagram of the brain from side view? I guess you probably have. Now try to keep your fingers in the right hand as if you are going for a fight (fisted). Then see your fist from side view. You will see a similar shape to that of brain. Isn't that interesting?

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ATI x1300 with Ubuntu Gusty (7.10)

Ah! I had to give another fight to get my x1300 ATI card working properly with Ubuntu Gusty. The restricted driver that comes by default would correct the wide screen problem but video quality is changed. You will find lot of illuminant people while watching a film in totem.

So here goes the answer

Good luck and have fun :)


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Something to Remember

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It's great to remember sweet moments in our past. But I never thought it would be as sweet as this.

Big hug my dear for this lovely creation.

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